Channon Perry

I'm trying to solve

people-orientated data problems.

Advocate for

The messy kind of

unstructured data

that human behavior produces, and the

qualitative and quantitiative

research methods we can use to learn things from it.

Experienced at

I have

>4.5 years

of data experience. As an analyst I helped clients gain insight from data by

curating research methods

and delivering

bespoke reporting.

As a data specialist I've been taking on product

research and development (R&D)

En route to

In the near future I plan on using

data science

tools like machine learning to tell human stories to the world’s most influential

decision makers.

Tool box

For data analysis

R, Excel, and SQL.

For reporting

PowerPoint, Tableau, PowerBI and HTML.

Local in

Cape Town

South Africa


Data solutions specialist

February 2022 - July 2022 (6 months)

I am responsible for scoping, prototyping, testing, and documenting data tools and methodologies. I also collaborate with other teams to ensure the right data resources are implemented well across the business.

Senior analyst

September 2019 - January 2022 (2 years 6 months)

I was responsible for compiling reports on social media sentiment using proprietary data analytics software, R, Excel, and PowerPoint. During this time I completed two research studies of the South African banking industry, automated reporting processes, developed new measures and visualisations, and contributed to the team's best practices.

Junior analyst

February 2018 - August 2019 (1 year 6 months)

This role involved report writing for corporate clients. My core goal was to help our clients make better decisions based on quantitative and qualitative analysis of social media data.

Highlight projects

I used Google Maps location history to see if I crossed paths with my boyfriend before we met

When I met my boyfriend, I sometimes felt a tinge of regret that we never got to make an adorable meet-cute story, despite living in the same city for five years and attending the same university. Our story isn't unique from many couples in 2020- in a trough between COVID waves, we started speaking online, on Bumble, a dating app.

Thanks to Google's location history quietly ticking away collecting GPS data in the background I thought that I could potentially find an answer to how fatefully our paths criss-crossed before we met. Just how closely did we come to potentially having an eyes-meet-across-the-room moment?

My research made waves in press and boardrooms

In both 2020 and 2021 I published research on social media sentiment towards South Africa’s main retail banks. I welcomed coverage in the press and did a number of interviews.

Most impactfully, I was able to present my findings to the chief executive level of all the major banks. I also spent some valuable time with key regulatory bodies, including the Reserve Bank.

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